Nationals of most third countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) are under an obligation to hold a visa for a proposed stay of a maximum duration of 3 months on the territory of the SCHENGEN States.

If you need a VISA to come to Belgium:

  1. The participant have to complete the registration information online;
  2. The participant requests its invitation to the organiser by email once the registration is completed;
  3. The organiser issues the invitation and the accommodation reservation and make them available into the online registration system;
  4. The participant fulfils all requirements needed and handle his/her request with the embassy or consulate in charge for Belgian visas. To note, this might be handled by another Schengen embassy.


  • The participant is fully responsible to handle its visa in due time and to provide all required documents to obtain it;
  • The organisers will not be responsible if a participant does not receive his visa on time to travel;
  • The visa request should be entered at least 2 months in advance;
  • The visa costs 60€ + the administrative cost;
  • The participant wishing to extend its stay must be able to justify the additional time (hotel booking, etc.) when requesting its visa.

Usefull links

  • Quick check if you need a VISA
  • Donwload the detailed information concerning the visas
  • List of country requiring a VISA
  • List of Belgian embassies/consulates (for short term VISA, Belgium can be represented by another Schengen Country)
  • Requirements for a VISA application on the immigration office website

    • Minor children must submit an application form signed by a person with parental authority or by a legal guardian and If travelling without them. This means papers from both parents (requested to avoid parental rape);
    • A cover letter from the organisation to the person responsible is an asset;
    • If the list of participants is changing, the invitation must be updated;
    • It might be requested at the border to prove that every person is having 50€/day;
    • For minor children, this might include information about the parents; registration evidence to the following scholar year is an asset;
    • The proof of transport is not required when you lodge the visa application, to avoid unnecessary costs but might be asked.
  • You can make an informative quick check on your requirements on: