JSBBecause science,
it’s first of all curiosity…

Youth organisation active since 1957, our organisation has taken up the challenge to develop attractive activities for young people to make them discovering the world through the scientific process and exploring the scientific process by observing the world!

The Young Belgian Scientists’ main objective is to generate the taste for science to the youth without any form of elitism. Willing to contribute to the development and the scientific culture of the citizens-adults of tomorrow.

In this view, we organise trainings, workshops, camps, playgrounds, expos, and more for the youngsters willing to deepen their scientific knowledge or, simply, having some fun making science. Specific trainings are also organised for our future animators and teachers in a continuing education.

Our organisation is active at international level and a founding member of MILSET (the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Sciences and Technology).

From Robotics to summer camps, from internships to the Science Fair, find on this site more about our programme of activities on our website (in French only).

The International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology (MILSETMouvement International pour le Loisir Scientifique et Technique) is a non-governmental, non-profit and politically independent youth organisation, which aims at developing scientific culture among young people through the organisation of science-and-technology programmes of high quality.

MILSET was created during ESI 87, the first International Science Fair held in Québec in 1987. Then, due to its constant growth, various Regional Offices were progressively established:

MILSET vision

Inspiring youth through science and technology initiatives.

MILSET mission

Networking youth science organisations globally to promote the importance of science and technology in society.

MILSET objectives

  • to stimulate the development of scientific and technical educational activities for young people and children, to motivate young people to get interested into science, and to help educators worldwide working in this field ;
  • to organise Science Fairs on an International and Regional level, during which young people meet and present projects which reflect their creativity in the sphere of science and technology ;
  • to organise science events for youth as international meetings, symposia and seminars, summer schools and universities, conferences, study trips, training courses and all activities helping to promote exchanges among youth of all countries, including young scientists ;
  • to encourage networking among MILSET Regional Offices and member organisations and to animate the collective life of the Movement through publications and internet websites, common programs, sharing and transfer of expertise and dialogue about world events ;
  • to support its member organisations and national organisations of scientific youth by representing them to supranational and international bodies as UN and its agencies (UNESCO, UNICEF…), ISESCO, ALECSO and the European Commission.

As a member of the world civil society, MILSET is also a stakeholder in the current revolution of the Technologies of Information and Communication, and advocates the free sharing of knowledge and the building of true knowledge sharing societies, a stand exemplified in its participation to the parallel events to the World Summit on Information Societies through the World Youth Congress on Information and Knowledge Society.

Thanks to MILSET, tens of thousands of young people have already met to exchange and make the most of their creations, discuss with researchers, youth leaders and industrialists. They have developed projects together, discovered foreign languages and cultures, and have been trained to acquire new technologies.

Joining MILSET is adhering to its charter, that of a movement which is concerned about today’s world, participates in the local development of scientific and technical education in leisure time, promotes international cooperation, sustainable development, citizenship and peace, by practicing sciences and technology in a spirit of respect, understanding and solidarity within different geographic and spiritual communities.

MILSET is an official partner of UNESCO.

MILSET Activities

MILSET activities are organised in two programmes:

More information on MILSET Website and on MILSET Facebook group

  • Antoine van Ruymbeke
    MILSET & JSB Board Member
    Chairman of the ESI Executive Committee
  • Yves Bourdeau
    JSB Board Member
  • Carole Charlebois
    MILSET Vice President
  • Noémie Roger
    Advisor in Scientific Research and Policy at the Brussels-Capital Region
  • Gaetane Van Cauberg
    JSB General Secretary
  • Frédérique Neuville
    JSB Project Leader
  • Antoine van Ruymbeke
    Coordination & HR
  • Denisa Kalužová
    Participants & activities
  • Elena Fomenko
  • Frédérique Neuville
    Fundraising, PR & Communication
  • Frédérique Dumont
  • Géraldine Tonet
    Catering & transports
  • Laura Matthys
  • Odile Tonet
    First aids & communication
  • Olivier Waterloos
  • Samuel Vandenberghe
    Social networks
  • Sebastian Kopp
  • Sébastien Rush
    Conferences and meetings
  • Thibaut Volvert
    Participants & social networks