Tips about Belgium

Who we are

  • In summary we can say that Belgian people are really friendly, party-being and have a great sense of hospitality so they will certainly share this personality with you.
  • We know we’re living in this strange small country surrounded by political disputes between the communities. But well, politics is not the way citizens are and fortunately we know about us and can make jokes about ourselves. The sense of humour and self-mockery is then one of our strength we can say.
  • Typical belgian stuff are the “Belgian compromise” which our peaceful method to settle the disputes, and the “brick in the belly” as we invest heavily in homes building and restauration.

The way we live

  • So now you might want to know what you can do or not when you are with people.
  • There are not so much rules actually
  • If you want to say hello you have the choice between shaking hands or giving one kiss on the cheek. It all depends on how well the feeling is going between you and the other people.
  • Belgian jokes are not that funny to us
  • It’s considered a bad thing to spit on the streets eventhough sometimes it happens!
  • Queuing is not really of our concern even if people are respectful. Just make your way.
  • Lunch is between 12 and 1 pm, dinner time is aroud 7 and 8 pm.
  • If you’re invited to a house, it’s generally considered that you bring flower the the lady of the house.
  • For the rest, don’t worry you’re in Belgium keep in mind to act like us : adaptation, party, relax, humour and no pride… it should do!
Tips about Belgium