The stands are in U shape and the dimensions are:

  • For the projects counting only with posters: 2,5m (H) * 2m (W) * 1m (D) with a table, 2 seats and 1 socket
  • For the other projects: 2,5m (H) * 3m (W) * 1m (D) with a table, 2 seats and 1 socket

The tape for your posters is provided.

You are invited to have material in English on your stand and, by courtesy with the visitors, an abstract in French and Dutch.

Plug outlet

Plug type E compatible with type F

More information on:


Projects must be related to a scientific or technical topic and have to enter one of the following categories:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Plant Sciences
  • Animal Science
  • Environmental Science and Ecology
  • Agricultural Science
  • Earth Science – Geography and Geology
  • Computer Science and Applications
  • Engineering – Electronics, Electrical
  • Engineering – Chemical, Metallurgical
  • Engineering – Mechanical
  • Engineering – Civil
  • Engineering – Industrial
  • Energy (alternative, renewable, sustainable)
  • Marine Science
  • Astronomy and Space Science
  • Medical Sciences (human anatomy and physiology, diseases, cures, drugs)
  • Health Care (primary healthcare, prevention, diet, hygiene)
  • Architecture, Housing, Settlement Studies
  • Social and Psychological Sciences
  • Tourism opportunities, including ecotourism
  • Recycled Materials
  • Food Sciences and Food Technology
  • Scientific Teaching Aids
  • Little scientists/D√©brouillards (under the coordination of the FIPD only)
  • Other